Izza & Saad – Asian Wedding Photography North East

Asian Wedding Photography North East

Izza and Saad are based in London and returned home to the North East to be married.  A fantastic couple and you could not wish to meet two nicer people.

This was our first Asian wedding and a fantastic experience for Mandy and I.  Looking back now it was more like a  3 day party than a wedding (as I know it).  A big focus of each day was the food, and it was amazing!  I’m still working off the pounds now HA.  Then there was the dancing, each day also included a lot of group dancing.  Friends and family told the story of how Izza and Saad met through a dramatised dance routine, it was fantastic.  Everyone got involved, young, old, men and women.  And I have to say they were all excellent, it was clearly something they all thoroughly enjoyed.

Everyone we met at the wedding was extremely polite and could not do enough to help us.  Especially Izza’s parents who were always on hand to brief us about how each day would unfold, THANK YOU!

So whilst it was our first Asian wedding I certainly hope it is not our last, we had fabulous time!

Below are a tiny sample of photographs from Izza and Saad’s big day…

1 - Asian Wedding Photography

2 - Asian Wedding Dance

3 - Asian Wedding

4 - Asian Wedding Dancing

5 - Asian Wedding Bride

6 - Asian Wedding Bridal Prep

7 - Asian Wedding Groom

8 - Asian Wedding Bride and Groom

9 - Asian Wedding Armani

10 - Asian Bride

11 - Asian Wedding Reception

12 - Asian Wedding Rain Photo

13 - Asian Wedding Photography North East

15 - Asian Wedding Party

15 - Asian Wedding Photographer